Fortress Stabilization Carbon Fiber Grids
Best Crack Control, Improves Longevity of Concrete
Why Fortress Stabilization Carbon Fiber Grids?

Fortress Stabilization Systems is on the cutting edge of developing stronger, lighter, more cost-effective alternative to the old ways of laying concrete. Fortress Carbon Fiber. Grid products can increase structural strength and stability of concrete while extending the life of your project and reducing labor cost.The Carbon Fiber technology allows the grids to be handled with ease due to its light weight. Fortress Carbon Fiber Grid products lay flat, have better crack control and improve the longevity of concrete.

Carbon Fiber Mesh

Carbon Fiber Net Fortress Stabilization Systems Pre-Preg Carbon Grid Mesh is a revolutionary alternative to welded wire.The mesh strength is based on the Ultimate Tensile Strength. Steel will yield a lower strength and will break at this strength.The carbon is stiffer than steel, so the concrete will crack less in reaching the full tensile capacity of the mesh.The surface area of the mesh is also greater, so the concrete/carbon bond is more effective than that of steel.

Carbon Fiber Countersunk Staples
The Best Foundation Crack Repair and Stabilization System

Stronger than Steel, Wall Reinforcement

Countersunk stable Fortec Stabilization Systems Countersunk Staples are the first commercially available concrete crack control stitching system designed to transfer load away from repair materials. The Staples are comprised of high tensile strength and modulus carbon fiber. The fibers are encapsulated in a thermal set resin and cured under pressure during manufacturing process. A peel-ply fabric is adhered to the strap; when removed, it leaves a prepared bonding surface for adhesion to a prepared substrate. The typical staple is 10" long by .38" wide with 1" legs.

Very few concrete crack repairs fail immediately. It is the long-term creep and fatigue of material injected in concrete cracks with the movement of the foundation that can fail over time. By cross-stitching concrete crack repair with staples this creep is eliminated and improves the long term performance of the repair material.

When Fortec Carbon Fiber Countersunk Staples are applied across the face of the concrete crack, the load is distributed away from the glue line to the portion of the substrate that is not cracked. This prevents fatigue and re-cracking of the injection glue line.

With the Fortec Carbon Fiber Countersunk Staples installed you can be confident the concrete crack will not reoccur at the injection site and the repair will last the life of your home.


Carbon Fiber Mesh Brochure Carbon Fiber Mesh for Commercial Settings Carbon Fiber Grids Brochure Countersunk Staple Brochure